Turtle Seaside Stealth 600 Examine: Quality Sounds; Uncomfortable Concept

Turtle Seaside Stealth 600 Examine: Quality Sounds; Uncomfortable Concept

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is amongst the more cost-effective name-brand wireless headsets, but excellent noise isn’t going to entirely excuse their difficult design.

By Marshall Honorof 29 November 2017

Our Decision

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is one of the less expensive name-brand wireless headsets, but close sound isn’t going to completely excuse its difficult build.

  • Outstanding games and tunes noises
  • Plush ear servings
  • Simple wireless connection


  • Difficult suit
  • Lackluster mic style
  • Limited Computer being completely compatible

Turtle ocean used to be the standard for gaming headsets, coming opponents out with an exceptional mix of convenience, visual appeals and audio quality. It don’t take long for competitiveness in order to get smart, though, and Turtle shore has merely one excellent bluetooth headset company in a veritable sea of more very high bluetooth headset manufacturers.

Go into the Turtle shore Stealth 600 ($100), an invisible wireless headset when it comes to Playstation Four or ps3 one which seems excellent and doesn’t price in excess. A name-brand wireless wireless headset for one hundred dollars might sound like an outstanding deal. But an awkward mic, a lack of flexibility and a totally uneasy healthy get the Stealth 600 a advertising.

Turtle ocean generated a large number of compromises making use of the Stealth 600, but those compromises achieved help make they one of the most affordable wireless gaming headsets across. Press your options accordingly.

Design And Style

The Stealth 600 appears like a relic for the just-about-bygone “extreme” gaming time, with clear angles bisecting the over-ear cups and either bright-green or dark-blue shows, based whether you will get the PS4 or Xbox type.

Of certain observe is the growth microphone, which folds entirely back, parallel with the ear pot. It is an enjoyable halfway product, neither as stylish as a mic that creases into an ear glass nor as jarring as a mic that simply folds up.

The hearing servings bring a tiny bit swivel with them, which will help them fit conveniently, and fold awake for flexibility. And the material underlay about headband is actually deluxe and has now some award, the extendable notches experience inexpensive and finicky, therefore receiving a great fit involves some experimentation.

The put ear cup could possibly get rather congested, since its the place to find both the levels call and chat-volume call, which you’ll find are actually near each other. If you think this seems like a confusing plan, your proper. Although it’s not hard to keep in mind the levels is on very top while the chatting quantity is on underneath, its acutely very easy to call the incorrect one in a heated time thereafter ask yourself precisely why the online game has not turned any quieter than prior to.

Beyond that, all other buttons can be extremely straightforward. The put hearing pot (that also contains the battery charging harbor; the most appropriate ear glass happens to be beneficially bare in contrast) enjoys a power switch, a combination icon and an equalization button, which lets you switch over among four methods. While making the left head glass the useful heart of the full product is chatangoprofielen reasonable from a cost-saving viewpoint, this instead crowded from layout and cosmetic point of views.


Turtle seashore claims the Stealth 600 uses technology labeled as “ProSpecs” to create their hearing cups easy on people who put on 8oz glasses. As a bespectacled individual, i could ensure that the bluetooth headset is abnormally simple from the hearing, controlling in order to make good aural secure without have ever demanding lower way too hard.

In the beginning, the bluetooth headset decided this could detach at any moment.

Every monitor I listened to was prosperous, subtle and high in lives. From detailed flow fender guitar parts, to delicate voice harmonies, to drum and bass tracks that did not block away song, the Stealth 600 was merely — and amazingly — one of the best sounds knowledge I’ve ever endured with a gaming headset.

The Main Thing

The Turtle seaside Stealth 600 provides superlative noise both for playing and songs, which is the main thing a games bluetooth headset should do. But isn’t going to match really well, its layout can feel way too congested as well as shameful Computer screen helps make upgrades and maintenance a chore. Whenever possible experience a wired style, check out the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which complies with your mind form a lot better and appears a good buy too Or, should you decide insist upon possessing a wireless bluetooth headset plus don’t notice maintaining an eye out for income, an alternative way would be the superb Logitech G533, that is readily available far less than its $150 suggested retail price.

For $100, you are not likely to bring another name-brand wireless headset, aside from one that enjoys this exceptional appear. The particular and sound quality by yourself may be worth the purchase price; if you are not, you might need to lose cordless features for anything more content and adaptable.

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